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Initiatives for Small Businesses

TILT Forward™ - a growing marketplace to address the current gap between demand for and supply of capital and services to Main Street businesses.

Just Add One - sister campaign that builds a collaborative member network of community partners across the country that work collectively within their respective labor markets to provide small businesses with tools, strategies and solutions to help them “add just one” employee.



One in Three - If one in three microbusinesses in the United States hired an additional employee, the U.S. would be at full employment. Read the seminal report that serves as the basis for the One in Three Alliance.

Bigger Than You Think - AEO embarked on a two-year study to build the data and the evidence base that documents the economic impact of microbusiness in the United States. This report is one of a series from that research.The evidence gathered through AEO’s efforts goes far in filling the gap in the paucity of data on microbusinesses and paints a compelling portrait of a remarkably vigorous microbusiness community that plays an essential role in American economic productivity. Furthermore, in the current economic slump, microbusinesses have demonstrated a surprising resilience that contains lessons for accelerating the national economic recovery. And not least, microbusinesses demonstrate great success in spreading business participation and productivity across the economic spectrum, nurturing opportunity across gender and race barriers.

Power of One Business - Microbusinesses make up almost 90 percent of the nation’s businesses. In spite of their numbers, these businesses rarely make headlines. Yet their potential for impact is undeniable: today they create jobs for more than 32 million people. With access to the right mix of capital and resources, these businesses could be the engine of job creation and economic recovery. In fact, if one in three microbusinesses hired an additional employee, the US would be at full employment. That’s a powerful notion. Just one person with an entrepreneurial spirit can create a job by starting a business. And that business, when supported, can grow and create additional jobs.

AEO spent one year engaging underserved entrepreneurs around the country to better understand who they are, what motivates them to start and grow businesses and what they need to succeed.