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One in Three Leadership Council

Microbusiness Champions

The Leadership Council comprises an array of industry thought leaders, nonprofit and philanthropy executives, financial industry executives, and microbusiness champions who lend their expertise to help influence their networks about the value of Main Street enterprises and the power of One in Three.

Council members wage their support of Main Street USA and the One in Three Campaign by communicating Campaign highlights and achievements, and expressing the unique needs and challenges of microbusiness owners.  

Members of the Leadership Council support microbusiness in a number of ways. They are Campaign spokespersons who stress the importance and power of one in three in media interviews, at industry events, and amongst their network of colleagues. They rally for financial inclusion for America’s smallest of the small.

They also help to shape policies that protect microbusiness owners and ensure they have access to capital and resource so they start, grow and hire —all on behalf of Main Street USA!

The Council also serves as an advisory council by providing counsel on industry developments, potential hindrances, and strategies to help strengthen Main Street.

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